About us 

“How we turned our Punjabi home cooking into a thriving business
A career crisis and a move back home had unexpected benefits for Safia Hothi-Bellamy and her mother Surinder,  who
now run the Pure Punjabi food company….”

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We’re Surinder and Safia, a mother & daughter team dedicated to bringing you into our North Indian culinary traditions.

Sometimes that means welcoming you into our own family home and kitchen when we run our small group cookery workshops.  Other times we get out and about, at events and markets, bringing our hand-made artisan spices products, Meal Club and cookery schools to you.
We love to do cookery demos, especially showing the spectacle of chapatti making…and we thoroughly enjoy serving hot dhal, keema and different Punjabi food at markets or food fairs with our lovely team of young and enthusiastic helpers.

We give people the knowledge, culinary traditions and the accessibility of our Indian kitchen while maintaining and passing down the traditional cookery methods of our mothers and grandmothers.


We were very proud to be selected as one of the 2016 Small Business Saturday 100, chosen from small businesses across the U.K. culminating in an invitation to a reception at No. 10 Downing Street.


We deliver cookery workshops, welcoming small groups with North Indian cookery tuition in the mother-daughter style. We were thrilled to be named top 8 Indian cookery schools in the U.K. by Olive Magazine and for Safia to be appointed as a Gourmet Guru by Love Pulses.


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