Cookery School

Where are the workshops held?

The workshops are held in our own kitchen at our home in Downton, which is 6 miles south of Salisbury, on the edge of the New Forest and on the Hampshire/Wiltshire border

How many people are there in a cookery workshop?

6 people/max 7 (only if there are 4 + 3 as a group), with 2 instructors (giving a ratio of one instructor to three participants). Unlike other cookery workshops, we keep workshop sizes small so that we can look after everyone.

Is the workshop a demonstration and how much cooking do we do?

All our workshops are hands on, with you preparing all your own dishes on every course, with our guidance.

I am a beginner, will I be overwhelmed by the course?

Not at all. We keep the workshop sizes small so that we can look after everyone, whatever their level may be. We have had complete beginners, who say ‘I can’t even chop an onion’, and leave the course being able to confidently cook everything we’ve covered – and having thoroughly enjoyed themselves along the way!

I am an advanced cook, will the course be suitable for me?

Absolutely. We keep the workshop sizes small so that we can look after everyone, whatever their level may be. We offer a cultural experience, so you will learn about Punjabi culture, at the same time as expanding your repertoire, giving you a real understanding behind Punjabi food and its flavours.

I have food allergies/intolerances, will that be a problem?

Punjabi food is usually great in terms of accommodating for any allergies or intolerances, just let us know beforehand so we can make any necessary adjustments. If you would like to ask any questions with regards to dietary requirements before booking a course, send us a message via the contact page to discuss your query and we will get back to you within 24 hours.

Should I bring anything with me on the day?

Your workshop place includes everything you need for the workshop…your ingredients, tuition, apron, refreshments. If you prefer, you can bring your own rolling pin for the bread workshop, as some prefer to use their own, however, we do of course have them available for the workshop for everyone.

I would like to ask a question about my cookery course/the course I would like to book

Please feel free to either call Safia on 07907 753157 to discuss your query or email or send your question(s) to us via the contact page and we will get back to you within 24 hours.

Who are my instructors and what qualifications do they have?

Your instructors are mother and daughter team, Surinder and Safia. They are both food hygiene certificate holders. The cookery school premises is registered with Environmental Health and has a food hygiene rating of 5 out of 5. Surinder and Safia have both been cooking from a young age, and have over 50 years of cooking experience between them.

Do you have any courses for children

Yes, we teach several workshops for children that combine food and culture. We teach workshops at schools, such as our Diwali and cookery workshop. Our Bollywood dance and cookery workshop is a great alternative for your child’s birthday party. If you are interested in a children’s workshop, please click here to get in touch via our contact page. Please let us know if your workshop would be for a school or a private party, and any aspects that you would like to include in the workshop. We are CRB checked and approved.

I would like to buy a workshop as a present, can I get a gift certificate?

Yes of course, just put a note on your order that you are buying the workshop as a gift and we will send you a complimentary gift voucher. Alternatively, for a small extra fee of £6.00, you can purchase a beautiful Indian gift scroll inviting your guest to the workshop. If you would like further information about purchasing an Indian gift scroll, put a note with your order (or get in touch via the contact page) and we can send you a picture of a scroll and make the necessary arrangements.

Can we buy any of the spices/more unusual ingredients from you?

Yes. Following customer requests, we now have spice products and ingredients available to buy at the end of the workshop, as some prefer to buy more the unusual ingredients there and then so they don’t have to worry about making a trip to get what they need after the workshop. Our products are also discounted for attendees on the day of the workshop and a discount voucher is sent to you before the workshop to pre-order your items ready for collection on the day..

I have booked a course but am unable to attend, can I change my course?

You are able to change your course date, subject to availability, as follows:  

  • 3 months in advance: No admin fee.
  • 1 month in advance, with a £10 admin fee (for re-advertising the availability),
  • 1 week in advance, with a £30 admin fee (for re-advertising the availability)

If a problem has arisen and you need to discuss your booking with us, please get in touch as soon as possible. Call Safia on 07907 753157.