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Our story

It all started in 2010, with my search for artisan spice producers for our small speciality and fine food shop.  I was looking for a producer of non-westernised non-generic premium blends of spices, made the way Indians make it at home. 

What I found were plenty of non-heritage brands and products inspired from travels to India, created from recipes online or modern day fusion versions. It wasn’t what I was looking for… Unable to find anyone that produced in the authentic old-school manner, appropriate to their own region and cultural heritage, and not generic ‘Indian’, I chose not to stock anyone, rather than have something I wouldn’t give to my own family.  

Then the penny dropped… I was the solution to my own problem… having been taught from a young age how to make the original traditional village garam masala from our region of Punjab, North India, and also how to cook all our Punjabi dishes in the traditional way, (a training for marriage),  I created our first product, which was pure to Punjab… Pure Punjabi Garam Masala….and the business was born… Joined by my daughter Safia in 2013…. the business grew!!!