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How to cook rice

how to cook rice by Pure Punjabi

One of the ‘Top 10’  questions relating to food, is ‘how to cook rice’, and it is one of the culinary questions that I am regularly asked to explain. Although we explain how to cook rice on our cookery workshop, it is still a subject worthy of further clarification. As someone of North Indian heritage, […]

Unrefined sugars that are used in traditional Indian cookery

palm sugar, palmyra, Indian sugar,, unrefined sugar

Unrefined sugar has historically been the main source of sugar in our diet.  Nowdays, it is more often found as a smaller sub-section of sugar, rather than the primary food source that it has always been. Why should you switch to unrefined sugar? Are you unsure about it’s appearance, texture and taste? Here’s an overview […]

How to make yoghurt

Yoghurt making, yogurt making, dai, indian yoghurt, greek yoghurt, natural yoghurt, how to make yoghurt, how to make yogurt, cooking at home, goat's yoghurt, sheep's yoghurt,

How to make yoghurt An overriding memory of my teenage years is the late-night ritual of making dahi, which is the Punjabi and Hindi (Indian languages),  word for yoghurt, and pronounced ‘day’.  It’s a very simple and straightforward process, and requires no special equipment at all, so here’s how to make yoghurt… All that was […]

Berlin – The fifth city on our European Roadshow culinary journey…

The venue Old Smithy’s Dizzle is on a calm suburban road in Berlin, with huge big stable doors. Once you enter those doors, you find yourself in a little oasis. The building dates back to the 1800’s and the original features have been beautifully preserved whilst having a clean, modern feel. The kitchen team Safia […]

Paris – The fourth city on our European Roadshow culinary journey…

Pure Punjabi Corporate European Roadshow Paris culinary experience

The Venue The kitchen team The food set up for Paris was fairly unique in that the venue didn’t have fully functioning kitchen. Therefore, all the food prep and cooking was done off site, at Baldev Singh’s beautiful restaurant Jodhpur Palace. He was so acomodating and he and his team were a pleasure to work […]

Madrid – The third city on our European Roadshow culinary journey…

Pure Punjabi Corporate European Roadshow Madrid culinary experience

The venue – The Westin Palace Madrid The third European roadshow event, hosting the incredible Freshworks tour, was held in the stunning Westin Palace Madrid. Having completed a successful first week in London and Manchester, this was where Safia now headed.  She flew into the beautiful city of Madrid to deliver our role in the […]

How to make ghee

How to make ghee, , ghee, goats butter ghee , buffalo butter ghee, butter ghee, desi ghee , ewe's butter ghee , how to make ghee from scratch

How to make ghee I was taught how to make ghee, as a young girl, by my mother.  When it was time to make ghee, my mother would send me to the local shop to collect the case of New Zealand Anchor butter that she had ordered.  I’m sure that the staff at the shop […]

What is ghee?

Ghee, what is ghee,

What is Ghee? Ghee is the Punjabi and Hindi word for clarified butter. It is butter that has been gently brought up to a simmer.  This causes the butter to separate into different layers, allowing you to remove the impurities that will burn if butter is used in cooking. This means that ghee can be […]

A step-by-step guide: How to make paratha from scratch

how to make paratha

Paratha is the delicious crispy shallow-fried version of a roti, and is a very popular Punjabi bread. The process starts out the same as making the roti, which is to make the atta (dough).  However, butter is layered into the dough and rolled out, then shallow fried in ghee until light brown and crispy.   […]

Fenugreek: an introduction to this lesser known spice


Fenugreek: an introduction to this lesser known spice There are many spices, such as cinnamon, cumin and coriander seeds. The ones I have just mentioned are familiar to most people, but there are other lesser know spices, such as fenugreek, which we seldom see in western cookery and would probably never be able to identify […]

Manchester – The second city on our European Roadshow culinary journey…

Pure Punjabi Safia and Surinder European Roadshow culinary experience - Manchester event

The venue The seccond roadshow event was held in the amazing space that is fivefourstudios in Manchester. A 1970’s warehouse transformed into a state of the art studio and events venue, fivefourstudios is set over three floors, with its own bar, outdoor area and three pure white studios. The white studios were the perfect backdrop […]

London – The first city on our European Roadshow culinary journey…

Pure Punjabi Safia and Surinder European Roadshow culinary experience - London event

In June 2019, we travelled to Little Venice, Paddington, London for a very unusual breakfast meeting with CEO, Noel Wax of GroundSwell Group, a marketing company from Los Angeles.  This was the start of our journey to London – The first city on our European Roadshow corporate culinary journey. This was in response to this […]

We’re on a European Roadshow…follow us on our culinary journey.

Pure Punjabi Safia and Surinder European Roadshow culinary experience

London –  London Zoo        Manchester – Fivefourstudio     Madrid – Westin Madrid       Paris – Galerie Joseph        Berlin –  Old Smithy’s        Munich – Palais Lenbach       Hingene – Kasteel d’Ursel        Amsterdam – Taets Park & Arts        Stockholm – 7A        Helsinki – Hueno Event Read our post on the London event HERE

​5 must-know tips to stress free entertaining

Pure Punjabi Ltd wedding catering

Chicken burnt, still not dressed and you’re about to either scream or burst into tears? No more! Follow our 5 must know tips to becoming a stress free host. Have you ever invited friends or family over for a meal, and been so excited. It’s a chance to try that recipe that you’ve been meaning […]

5 Indian food myths busted!

Chilli paneer, paneer, Indian cheese, Indian food, roti, chapatti, achaar, pickle, chilli pickle

  There are so many misconceptions out there about Indian food. Many of these stem from the belief that “all Indian food is the same”. So, I’m here to set the record straight! Even if you consider yourself a ‘curry afficionado’, I bet you will have been tricked by at least one of these…   […]

Customer Reviews

Indian Meal kits, Dinner Kits & Gift Boxes

Customer Reviews

Karen Taylor October 2018

We are having such fun cooking from The Spice Pack Collection and all the dishes have come out brilliantly. The smell is divine and Rob, who is very fussy, is particularly impressed. All our visitors are wowed when they smell the box – we’ve been too possessive to share any with others, as yet!

As a natural therapist I particularly appreciate the healthy aspect of each dish, none of which compromise on taste. Good ingredients freshly cooked makes a big difference.

We’re going on holiday with three other couples in a couple of weeks and going to take the pack with us to cook some dishes together.

Maria M / BBQ Meal Kit Box customer

“We had a BBQ for family and friends few weeks ago and we made the Lamb Kebabs & Coconut & Sesame Chutney and Crushed Tikka New Potatoes & Mango Chicken… We received such rave reviews!! All so easy to make with the spices and sauces all provided for us…food was all delicious!”

Chris & Debs - dinner kit with cook-along customer

“That was so fun…

Thank you for the zoom meet up. That was so fun. We will definitely be up for another. Please send another suitable invite and kit. We are predominately veggies so used the butternut squash version. If this continue the local takeaway will suffer for sure. Again thanks”.

Carol R. dinner kit with cook-along customer

“What a wonderful cookalong…

…The Mango Chicken was delicious and my naan bread actually looked amazing – like the real thing. I feel so successful. Thank you. Looking forward to our next cookalong”.

Pam Brown – dinner kit with cook-along customer

“Thank you so much both…

– the class was amazing and we both really enjoyed the food. It makes so much difference knowing exactly how to do things and that we can make such tasty food which is gluten free. Jeera rice has always been my favourite but many restaurants don’t have it on the menu”.

Sylvia M – dinner kit with cook-along customer

“Thank you so much...
... for a great hour of cooking on Saturday evening. I enjoyed it very much as I have never done anything like it before. The Punjabi chicken was delicious and we had enough to freeze for another time”.

Sue W – dinner kit with cook-along customer

“Well that was amazing…
... the best curry I've ever had and Jxx said it was like being in India ( as he’s spent so much time there with work ) loved the class and so did Exxx looking forward to coming to your workshops…
…and will order some more kits from your website”

Roy P…dinner kit with cook-along customer

“Many thanks…
...for the cook–along workshop yesterday. It was very enjoyable and the meal tasted lovely. As someone who is not a confident cook it was ideal to follow your teaching. I have recommended this to a friend of mine who is very interested in joining the next cook–along. I will definitely be doing it again”.

Ellie Pipe

I highly recommend this lovely family run local company…

... We’ve enjoyed 2 of their meal kits now along with an online cook along to show us what to do. Thank you.

Diane McGillivray

I love them all and would highly recommend…

...If I had to choose one it would be the Mango chicken.