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Partition: our experience at the India-Pakistan border ceremony

Indian Pakistan gate

Partition: our experience at the India-Pakistan border ceremony On the 70th anniversary of India’s independence, we’d thought that we’d look back at our family’s time at the Indian-Pakistan border ceremony. If you are planning a trip to India and are putting together a list of must-do items, put the Indian-Pakistan border ceremony at the top […]

A step-by-step guide: How to make roti (chapattis) from scratch

How to make chapattis

Punjab is known as ‘The bread basket of India’ due to the vast amount of crops grown in this rural area, which provides 80% of India’s produce. As the master region of breads, roti (also known as chapatti) is the daily bread that accompanies each meal. It is so essential to our diet that the […]

Pure Punjabi Ltd invited to No 10 Downing Street

Pure Punjabi invited to No. 10 Downing Street

On Thursday the 1st Of December 2016, Pure Punjabi Ltd were invited to No 10 Downing Street as part of their selection as one of the 100 United Kingdom small businesses, chosen as part of the national Small Business Saturday U.K. campaign. Safia Hothi-Bellamy represented Pure Punjabi and was honoured to have the once-in-a lifetime […]

Pure Punjabi…where did it all start?

Pure Punjabi

Pure Punjabi…Where did it all start?  Increasingly, the old-fashioned ways have disappeared and to find home-made garam masala, tandoori dishes and all manner of home-cooked Indian food, you need to be in an Indian household. Traditionally, when Indian girls were brought up, their mothers imparted them with all the essential know-how that they would need […]