Cookery hack: How to flatten Makki di Roti using the traditional method

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Cookery hack: How to flatten Makki di Roti using the traditional method

Makki di Roti are the lesser known, yet equally delicious chapatti. They are made from cornmeal and are traditionally served with Saag (spiced mustard leaves).

Naturally gluten-free, they are a quintessential Punjabi dish – that is to say – hearty, plant-based farmers food. You feel full (without feeling stuffed) when eating Makki di Roti and Saag, and it keeps North Indian farmers fit and strong during their long days working the land.

saag makki di roti

The dough for this flatbread can be a bit tricky to handle, as it can flat apart when flattening it. However, with a little practice, you can make Makki di Roti one after another. Oh, and don’t forget to butter them as soon as they come off the hotplate!

The traditional method

Take one of the pieces of dough, form it into a round and start to press it between both of your hands.


Start flattening the dough between the palms of your hand.


As the flattened dough turns into a bigger disc, start to rotate it in between the palm of your hands, whilst flattening it. This motion is like a pressing/close clapping motion. The dough can start to fall apart so don’t rush this process, take your time flattening it between your hands.


Once the disc is between 3mm and 4mm thick, you are ready to cook the Makki di Roti on a hotplate / flat plate.