Choose from meal kit gift boxes, dinner kits, 3 course meal kits, single dish meal kits, marinades & masalas, gift vouchers and the ultimate gift of the Indian Experience Cookery Workshop.
Mango Chicken 3 course meal kit pack with the cooked dishes, mango chicken, lamb samosa, suji laddu, 3 course Indian meal kit, purepunjabi.co.uk, indianmealkits.co.uk


See our range of 3 course meal kit bags, containing all the dried ingredients and spices to create a North Indian starter, main, side & dessert.  Perfect for friends & family gifts, and entertaining.

All kits make 4 standard portions.


Pure Punjabi Indian meal kits


Hand-ground from whole spices and blended for each particular dish, our meal kits also have the correct rice, lentils & flour, sourced and chosen the way we do for oursleves.  Each sachet serves 4 – just add fresh ingredients.  Stock up on meal kit mixes, for some quick, easy & delicious meals.

Pure Punjabi cookery school, named top 8 UK cookery courses by Olive Magazine


“Way better than other cookery courses!  A very educational course about the cuisine & culture of Punjab.  Not your average cookery course…”

Gift the gift of The Indian Experience cookery workshop.  Old-school traditional teaching. We are preserving the orignal cookery traditions of the first generations to arrive in the U.K. Click HERE to see what our attendees say.

Pure Punjabi award-winning Tikka Paste


Quick, easy & delicious lunches and dinners. Our hand-made family recipe marinades are perfect for grilling or barbecueing.  Just rub onto meat, chicken or vegetables, marinade overnight, then grill or barbecue.

Contains multiple servings.

Pure Punjabi Mini Meal Kit Gift Boxes


Perfect for letterbox gifts, friends & family gifts, corporate gifting & large families!

Available in most dietaries.


Pure Punjabi Chicken Biriyani dinner kit


We’ve put together a collection of main and side dishes, so you don’t have to think about what’s for dinner! 

All kits make 4 standard portions.

“Thank you for sending my order so quickly. I was so excited to open the box, like a child opening a present!..

…I have made several of the chicken and meat dishes in the past and am looking forward to making all the new dishes I received. Each time I open my store cupboard the gorgeous scent of the spices hits me, it’s lovely!”

Girls' Night In Box, purepunjabi.co.uk, Pure Punjabi Meal Kit Boxes, Meal KIts boxes, gifts for her, foodie gifts, mother's day gifts, girlie gifts


A range of Meal Kit Gift Boxes for parties & entertaining, family dinners, gifting and store-ccupboard standbys for your pantry. Available in all dietaries and themes, including BBQ and Street Food boxes.

Pure Punjabi Best sellers Indian meal kits deluxe bundle


Get a bundle of our best selling meal sachets and dinners kits.   They’re available in 3 different options (see more below):

Small –  for singles & couples.  Medium – for Couples or small families.  Deluxe – for families of 4 or more

Pure Punjabi Traditional Indian Meal Kit Gift Box


A range of Meal Kit Gift Boxes for parties & entertaining, family dinners, gifting and store-ccupboard standbys for your pantry.

Available in all dietaries and themes, including BBQ and Street Food boxes.

The Pure Punjabi Spice Kit Tray, Christmas gifts, foodie gifts, gluten free food gifts, curry kits, dinner kits, meal kits, purepunabi.co.uk, indianmealkits.co.uk


    “I am delighted….  I have just received the spice tray gift, which I bought for my son in law. It is so well presented”

A selection box of 12 meal kit sachets for family dinners, parties & entertaining, gifting and store-cupboard standbys for your pantry.

Pure Punjabi Rajma dhal meal kit


Our Pure Punjabi Rajma Dhal is a hearty red kidney bean and black turtle bean dhal meal kit sachet.

Rajma dhal is so satisfying and delicious that even meat-eaters will feel full!.

Perfect for Veganuary or a meat-free Monday! 

Also available as a dinner kit with Jeera Chawl/(Rice) Click HERE



Pure Punjabi Chole meal kit sachet mix



“A favourite Punjabi dish”


The ultimate way to eat chickpeas, this dish has all the taste and goodness of pulses at their very best. 

Traditionally eaten with the fried bread, ‘Puri’.



Stock up your store-cupboard.  Always have delicious Indian meals kits on standby, ready-to-cook anytime!  Nothing perishable, no waste.  We’ve started the dish ready for you to complete it!


SINGLE meal kit sachets


Gift Boxes – currently on backorder

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Pure Punjabi Saag Indian plant based meal kits for Vegans & Vegetarians


Pure Punjabi Vegetarian biriyani kit dinner kit, meal kits, biriyani kit, Indian vegetarian recipe, make at home dinners, recipes with the kids, cook at home with the kids, purepunjabi.co.uk,


Pure Punjabi cookery school, named top 8 UK cookery courses by Olive Magazine


Old-school traditional teaching. We are preserving the orignal cookery traditions of the first generations to arrive in the U.K.  We teach the way the mother teaches her daughter, and how we were taught.

Pure Punjabi Indian Street Food cookery workshop samosa making


Zoom workshops and events have been such a success! They have brought families and friends separated during these last couple of difficult years, together on a shared virtual experience.

Even as we have gone back to live workshops, online events allow families who live far apart to attend a virtual event together

Pure Punjabi Corporate European Roadshow Amsterdam culinary experience


Take a look at our corporate virtual experiences bringing together teams across the UK and the rest of the world.  Get in touch for teams that will be coming back together in the office and are ready for covid-safe live team-bonding experiences.

Wiltshire Life Independent Food/Drink Producer of the Year Finalist.

We are proud to have been placed 2nd in the finals of this prestigious award in the county of Wiltshire, for having a high quality or unique edible product, and having developed strategies to market and sell our produce throughout the county and beyond, with evidence of locally sourced ingredients, excellent customer service and strong community engagement.

Pure Punjabi Wiltshire Life Awards finalist 2nd place

We never ever share or disclose your data!

Pure Punjabi hand-ground premium garam masala

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Our online shop – north indian meal kitS, DINNER KITS & boxes

Our meal kit boxes, dinner kits and meal kit sachets make great gifts and a great kitchen store cupboard stand-by! Perfect to keep in the pantry, and always ready for dinnertime or weekend entertaining as well as gifting.

We wanted to create meal kits that would enable anyone, from the beginner to the most experienced cooks, to prepare traditional Punjabi food the way we do it at home.  This is how we really eat. Food that can be eaten on a daily basis, because you, the cook, control the fat content, by adding your own ghee or oil, and you control the heat levels, by adding your own chilli.  Make it as mild or as hot as you like, and just how different Punjabi households cook – according to their own family’s preference for chilli heat!

Our meal kits are designed to be cooked by anyone in approximately 30-40 minutes. Simply follow the step-by-step method instructions which are sent digitally, so that there is no paper waste.  Simply add fresh ingreients when reasy to cook so that there is never any food waste. Our meal kits will ‘travel’ with you and are perfect for caravaning and camping.

Our online shop give you a great choice of Indian meal kits from Chicken and meat to vegetable curries and dhals. Available in boxes, dinner kits and individual sachets, you can pick and mix according to your taste.

Artisan producer

We are an artisan producer of Garam Masala, Tandoori Masala and Tikka Paste, made the original and old-fashioned way, from scratch.  We are based on the rural Wiltshire/Hampshire/New Forest and are a local award-winning producer.

We buy all our spices in whole, and never buy pre-ground or powdered blends.  We do not ‘white label’ (meaning we don’t buy in other products and put our name on it), and we will not provide our blends to any other online retailers for them to ‘white label’.  We do not use online ‘recipes’ or produce any meal kits that are created from travels or books.  Whilst we feel that there is a space and a place for everyone, our story, our journey and our history is about the faithful reproduction of our mother’s and grandmother’s cookery methods.

When we have produced the spices, we then blend them to produce our meal kit sachets, Indian dinner kits and meal kit boxes, which make perfect gifts and are also great for entertaining and for store cupboard and pantry standbys.

Garam Masala is the basis of all Punjabi cookery and is taught to daughters by their mothers. We still make ours the way we were taught by our mothers and our proud to preserve our family recipe and our culinary traditions.

Indian Meal Kits

Pure Punjabi Indian meal kits are available in a huge range of individual meal kit sachets, Indian dinner kits, meal kit gift boxes as well as themed Indian meal kit boxes and bags…

Our meal kit gift boxes and a huge range of our meal kits can accommodate almost every dietary requirement. Whether you are gluten-free, vegetarian, vegan, dairy-free or combinations, the Indian diet is naturally and accidentally ‘free-from’.

We also have the weight-loss meal kit box and The Athlete’s meal kit box, both of which contain only the meal kit sachets to prepare delicious dishes, that are low-carb and fit your weight-loss, dietary, nutrition, and training plans and goals.

You can also choose from our Best seller meal kit bundles in 3 sizes, which make great new home gifts, care packages and gifts to grown up children and family members in different household bubbbles.  We also have  our trial size meal kit packs, which make great letterbox gifts and corporate team-bonding gifts.

Whatever your dietary preferences or requirements, you will find a complete range of our Pure Punjabi meal kits to suit your lifestyle and needs.  Great taste and great quality and everything produced by our small business to our family recipes.