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Netflix Indian food programmes, Raja Rasoi aur anya Kahaniyaan, netflix top picks

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If you’ve been looking for some great foodie programmes/films on Netflix, these ones get a thumbs up from us!

Netflix Indian food programmes, Raja Rasoi aur anya Kahaniyaan, netflix top picks

Kings, kitchens and their stories…

Episode 5: Punjab

This is one of the most well explained shows we have seen on Indian food, with this episode that accurately describes Punjab, it’s food and culinary history (and we say this as Punjabis!).

It looks at classic Punjabi dishes, our historical influences, as well as telling some amusing tales along the way! This is an excellent ‘crash course’ in understanding the heart of Punjabi food – and if it doesn’t make you want to put Punjab as a ‘must’ destination on your bucket list, we don’t know what will!

The series is in Hindi, but subtitles are available in English, French, Arabic and Chinese.

Running time: 44 minutes

Netflix Indian food programmes, Raja Rasoi aur anya Kahaniyaan, netflix top picks, Punjab, Punjab on Neflix, Punjabi food
Netflix foodie picks, Street Food Asia, Delhi street food, Indian street food, Netflix top picks

Street Food Asia

Season 1, Episode 3: Delhi, India

This series looks at the history of street food culture within the chosen country, and how history has influenced the dishes that are now popular.

Not only does it look at the history, but it also goes into the stories of some of the street food vendors, and why they are so passionate about what they do.

If you love seeing food preparation, shopping in local food markets, as well as understanding the story behind dishes, this one is for you.

Running time: 30 minutes

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Netflix foodie picks, Salt Fat Acid Heat, Netflix food shows, purepunjabi.co.uk

Salt Fat Acid Heat

All 4 episodes

This gets a thumbs up from us, as it is a great show to watch if you like to cook, whatever the cuisine. It looks at cookery across the world, and the elements that are consistently present in every country’s dishes, and why these elements are so important that they are the common features running throughout every country’s cuisine.

We would recommend watching all 4 episodes in this series, as they interlink in giving you a rounded perspective.

Running time per episode – 40-48 minutes

The Game Changers, Netflix foodie picks, What to watch on Netflix, purepunjabi.co.uk

The Game Changers


If you are interested in food from a health perspective, this may be worth watching. This documentary has made our list because it looks at the health effects of eating a plant-based diet, and the traditional Punjabi diet focuses on plant-based foods.

Punjabis are known as a warrior race, and plant-based eating has not only fed the Punjabi Sikh warriors, but it has also allowed Punjab to become one of the most prosperous states in India, as it grows around 80% of India’s crops (wheat, corn, potatoes, pulses…the list goes on). Plant-based eating is also the staple of langar – the communal kitchens of Sikh Temples, which serve food day and night to all visitors.

Whether you are for or against a plant-based diet, it is always interesting to expand your knowledge on any subject area. So why not check this one out?

Running time: 1 hour 25 minutes

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