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Pure Punjabi Meal Kit Boxes catering for your dietary & lifestyle needs.

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Whip up a traditional North Indian meal for 4, or a dinner party for many more, quickly and easily, (whether at home, on holiday, or visiting friends). Just add fresh ingredients.

Our meal kit boxes contains all the hand-ground spice blends and dry ingredients (ie. rice, lentils etc). that you need for each of our traditional North Indian dishes, complete with e-instructions, so that no matter where you are, you can get cooking.

The average cook time is 20-25 minutes per meal sachet. Each sachet in the boxes (and the trial size boxes) make enough for 4 individual servings. All you then do is add the fresh ingredients yourself when you are ready to cook. Nothing perishable -no waste.

People sometimes ask us why we don’t include the perishable fresh items in our meal prep boxes, and this is why…

1. We ourselves had a meal box service, containing all fresh ingredients. We found it a burden when the box arrived faster than we could process what we had to cook, and we couldn’t cook the dish that night because life got in the way. Resulting in the fresh items going off and us having to throw them away = massive food waste. Our meal prep sachets are here to contribute positively to your life and to the wider community – not negatively.

2. As a keen cook and a foodie, it’s off-putting when someone else picks your vegetables, or meat on your behalf. You want to choose them yourself. Many of our customer also grow their own vegetables, like to support their local producers.

3. The very nature of being someone who’s interested in cooking means that you want some autonomy on what dishes you cook each evening. By putting in the perishable items, it removes your prerogative as the cook, to decide what you’re having for dinner that evening, and makes you a slave to the ‘use by’ dates on your meat, dairy and veg.

Our meal prep boxes are really popular with frequent travellers and sports professionals, who need to be able to take the basis of a meal with them when they are away, so that they can have quality meals, that are suitcase-friendly and don’t need to be stored in a fridge as they travel. Then, when they arrive at their destination, they just pick up some fresh veg and/or meat, and get cooking.

Our meal prep boxes are also available in special dietary themes – gluten-free, dairy-free, plant-based for vegans and vegetarians & healthy weight loss.