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How to make yoghurt

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How to make yoghurt An overriding memory of my teenage years is the late-night ritual of making dahi, which is the Punjabi and Hindi (Indian languages),  word for yoghurt, and pronounced ‘day’.  It’s a very simple and straightforward process, and requires no special equipment at all, so here’s how to make yoghurt… All that was […]

5 Indian food myths busted!

Chilli paneer, paneer, Indian cheese, Indian food, roti, chapatti, achaar, pickle, chilli pickle

  There are so many misconceptions out there about Indian food. Many of these stem from the belief that “all Indian food is the same”. So, I’m here to set the record straight! Even if you consider yourself a ‘curry aficionado’, I bet you will have been tricked by at least one of these… 1. […]

Pure Punjabi Ltd selected for SmallBiz100 2016

Pure Punjabi Surinder & Safia SmallBiz100 2016 winners

In the August of 2016, we were thrilled and delighted that our small business, Pure Punjabi, was selected for SmallBiz100 2016. We’d wanted to apply the year before, but circumstances had delayed us in getting our information together, while trying to run and expand the cookery school, food events and spice product business. The application […]

The many uses of marigolds

Pure Punjabi Learn Cook Eat Meal Box and Cookery SchoolFloral cookery: marigolds

Flowers, they’re everywhere at the moment, especially in our cocktails and on our food. Marigolds are just one of the many edible flowers that are used for both flavour and decorations in food and drinks. They form an important part of Indian culture and so I thought I’d delve a little deeper into this beautiful […]

Indian dairy-free swaps

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Indian dairy-free swaps: dairy-free alternatives for commonly used dairy ingredients in Indian cookery There are two types of reactions your body can have to food groups: allergies and intolerance’s.  They are both very different reactions all together. An allergy is an immune response, and an intolerance is when a person’s body doesn’t produce the enzyme […]

Why Indian food IS a vegan’s best friend!

Pure Punjabi Learn Cook Eat Meal Prep Box, Cookery School, E-learning, Weddings, Pop-up Restaurants and Privat Dining

Over the last few years veganism has been growing and growing in popularity, with major celebrities such as Beyoncé preaching the benefits, it’s been hard not to notice the increasingly popularity Working in the food industry, we, here at Pure Punjabi, have noticed a major shift in consumer habits. At any market or food festival […]